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Chapter 2. Isabelle's special message
Isabelle looked at Jacob empathetically. "Come on, chin up  mayor. Where's the mayor I know....and love" Isabelle whispered the last part under her to not let anyone else hear her.  "Where's the mayor who looked towards the future and strides toward greatness with every thing he did?" Isabelle said as she rubbed Jacob's back compassionately. "That mayor is and has been long dead." Jacob said flat out in a Saturn and monotone voice. "Now all I care about is finding the sick monster who killed my brother and left countless other bodies in his wake. I'm not gonna let him get away with what he's done!" Jacob than screamed and than threw everything on his table to the floor "I WON'T LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THIS!" Jacob took a swig from the now nearly empty bottle. "Mayor! Calm down! How long have you been at this? Two, three years? This obsession isn't healthy. You need to rest." Jacob than grabbed her by her shoulders firmly "would you say the same thing if he killed Di
:iconjacamontronic:jacamontronic 0 7
Chapter 1. Just another day in paradise
Jacob passed as he rambled away to himself in the darkness of his empty office. "Where is he....n-no no he's not could he just disappear?" Jacob then lost it and yelled, as he often done recently "Oh....WHERE THE HELL IS HE!?!" He said as he went to the wine shelf to get himself a drink. Jacob took a shot glass and a one liter bottle of the finest soda he could buy, it was already half empty from his past drinking binges. He poured some of the soda into the glass and forced it down, than he began to sob uncontrollably. Jacob's assistant Isabelle than knocked on the door "Mayor? May I come
in?" She asked. Usually Jacob would yell at anyone who dared to knock on his door to leave for that he was embarrassed by the mess in his office but, he trusted Isabelle and she was used to the mess at this point. "Mayor...." Isabelle hesitantly said "A-are you okay?"
Jacob lifted his head from his desk and looked at her with tired, baggy, restless eyes. "Do I look okay?" He grumbled. To
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What happens when you don't read the instructions  by jacamontronic What happens when you don't read the instructions :iconjacamontronic:jacamontronic 0 30 Neon nuke gif by jacamontronic Neon nuke gif :iconjacamontronic:jacamontronic 4 3 Black horizon by jacamontronic Black horizon :iconjacamontronic:jacamontronic 1 2


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anyone want to chat? I'm always willing to talk.

and also, it is raining...HARD
total unity
here is a representation of how all the worlds creatures humans and the every earth in the universe can live in harmony if we all work together, using our strengths, to make this world a better place fore every one!

made with neon flames
Neonflames -
Bendy in New Neighbor (Edited)
Here is a fanmade poster for Bendy and the ink machine. 

featuring me (Jazzy Jacob) as the newest character.

this might make an appearance somewhere soon ;)
Blue Tourmaline (my Steven Universe OC)

Name: Blue Tourmaline

Gender (preferred pronouns since gems have no gender): "he", "him", and "his"

Age:20,000 (looks about 20 years old)

Likes:the Chicago mafia, rag time music, formal attire, 20's-50's (human) culture, being treated as an equal.

Dislikes:being treated like you are above him, total isolation, feeling like he is nothing more then a mistake, Homeworld.

companions: Steven, Garnet (the one whom he valuse as a true friend), the other crystal gems.

Backstory:on Homeworld he and his kind were manufactured as guards and snipers. But since he didn't know how to activate his weapon and his looked different (like a male instead of a female body and thought process) from the other gems of his kind, his very existence was seen as a joke. Soon enough he had it and left Homeworld with Rose and became a crystal gem. But even then he didn't feel like he belonged (hence why he doesn't have a star on his clothes like the other gems).
For a while he couldn't help since he couldn't activate his weapon. Until the 1920's, he went to Chicago via warp pad, he than was introduced to the mafia culture, and he loved it. The speakeasies, the lingo, and the music he was spellbound by all of it! He was so amazed by it all he finally got to activate his weapon.
He soon met a man, one he soon considered a close and mutual friend by the name of Scarface, he took Tourmaline in, and treated him as an equal. Not like as an object like on Homeworld, or a drag like he felt the gems saw him as. Soon enough Tourmaline helped the mob but still abided the law, and most important to his life, his new friend, Scarface helped him learn to operate his newly acquired weapon...the tommy gun. Tourmaline now speaks like a natural Chicago mobster and is one of the best sharp shooters out there, thanks to his long lost friend, Al Capone. Tourmaline also relates to Steven, since he's seen how humans act during his time with the mob and in Chicago.
Th-this can NOT be true....Laura and I had a fight so I was already in a bad mood than you go to wattpad and see THIS!?! My artwork are like my children (and they are technically my brain it makes sense in more than one way!),they're sometimes all I have in this world. And you love them or leave them alone. And if you treat them badly, YOU ANSWER TO ME! I bet all of you who are artists out there feel the same way right? By the way....I will not only tag kayco.....but some of my friends as that I can get at least a small fragment of positive reinforcement (warning I'm in a bad mood right now)....because my life is feeling like this… in real life right now. But I hope I feel better soon....😔I-is this true? by jacamontronic


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Jacob Castleberry
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
hello I'm Jacob C an average guy who makes a different creative piece with every breath! I believe that anyone every one can make beautiful artwork. They just have to practice and put their heart into it! I'm a huge FNaF fan and the love for it is only surpassed by the love for Jurassic park/world and being creative.


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